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Have you heard of Beatrice 'Tilly' Shilling?  She led a fascinating life and she came from Waterlooville!!  Go along to Waterlooville Library on Friday 8 March at 10am to find out more.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Big thanks to Lindsay who volunteered to take the notes and did an amazing job!

Waterlooville Town Community Meeting
5th February 2019 @ Waterlooville Baptist Church
Hosted by Jackie Buckley, also attending Cllr Seale, Cllr A Briggs, Cllr Pike, Cllr Hughes.
Also Representatives from Waitrose and Eric Jackson
Apologies from Cllrs Buckley and  Patrick.   Also Carol Samuda
Updates from the last meeting:
Cllr Briggs:
·         Subway crossing/Maurepas Way ~ The phasing of the traffic lights across Maurepas Way were found to be incorrect and have now been remedies. Overgrown vegetation has been cut down. The subway ramp will not be reinstated. 
·         There will be an upgrade to a full Pelican crossing at McDonalds.
·         Traffic lights will be installed on the access to the B2150 from the A3(M).
·         Access to the retail park from the Asda roundabout will continue as the park is privately owned and any changes need to be instigated by them, Cllr Briggs will continue dialogue.  Audience felt that this is a Highways issue, and should not be dictated by the park owners. Therefore traffic should be directed down to the traffic light access near Sainsburys.

·         Cllr Pike:  Mixed responses so far received from shop owners as to the available funding for vinyl window coverings on empty properties.

·         The fast track bus service improvements are primarily for routes between Waterlooville, Havant and surrounds, to Portsmouth. There are still plans for a fast route between Waterlooville and Havant via Dunsbury Industrial Park, but there is no Government money available for this specifically.  Millions of pounds have been awarded to HCC for general bus/car route improvements especially through pinch points. There will be more real time screens in bus stops. Dialogue continues between Cllr Pike, Cllr Stagg (PCC) and First Bus. 

·         Cllr Seale:  Jubilee Park ~ The Council have been alerted to the continuing flooding problems and the likely source being damaged drainage. There is an action group to push forward improvement plan and source funding from various sporting organisations such as Lawn Tennis and the Football Association. A Community Grant is available and could be used to provide a cafe etc., in the Pavilion.

·         Cllr Pike: Wellington Way ~ No further updates. HBC are waiting for a revised planning application, which if received, will then go out for public consultation. Developers will need to be creative about parking options and absorb that into their overall plans. Application is suspended for the interim and there are no time limits for future applications.

·         It is recommended that the Draft Local Plan is read, especially section KP2, which relates to this application and other town centre developments. The old Curzon car park area is earmarked for 14 properties and the Boulevard is no longer up for sale. When asked if the Council would support an application to Wellington Way requiring 9 storeys, Cllr Pike referred back to the Local Plan.
New Business
·         Recycling:  7000 tonnes of textiles incorrectly go into green bins across Hampshire, causing pressures on sorting centres. HBC gets £16 per tonne for glass. This money covers the costs of incineration for contaminated items. Government are suggesting deposit return schemes. £21million improved recycling centre is being built at Alton which will be able to sort more plastics. There is no food waste collection planned. Garden waste recycling bins are increasingly popular with many more signing up.  Audience agreed that nationally there are many schemes and the many different sorts of plastics make recycling confusing in some instances.

·         Local Plan: Full Council approved draft. Consultation has started, which will take a year to complete.  HBC have 5 year housing development quota within plan which meets government guidelines. 10,000 homes are planned over the next 18n years which equates to 570 per annum, the same figures as in the past. Employment sites are Dunsbury Park and the old BAE site. Infrastructure needs to be improved alongside future housing, not done well in the past.

·         Regeneration is a priority, HBC only own 2 car parks in Waterlooville. But they now have legal powers for compulsory purchase orders. Within the new policies are requirements for electric car charging within housing/retail developments. Also exploring factory built housing, which is more eco friendly and quick to erect. 2 bedroom homes should be in the majority. Any new developments must include affordable housing.  Parking standards are more realistic so any access roads must allow for the size of large delivery/waste collection vehicles. Other policies include restricting future planning permissions of fast food/gambling outlets.

·         Section 106 money is coming to HBC to fund local infrastructure improvements. New policies include making developers improve access roads up to adoptable standards.

·         West of Waterlooville development: Ques: Phase 8 details 50 houses, but is not in local plan? Cllr Pike will check.

·         Ques:  Has HBC got any plans to cover the installation of the new Government led Interconnector route from Eastney to Lovedean via Waterlooville? It will take 2 years and road disruption will be major. Cllr Pike said not in local plan as will be ‘temporary inconvenience’.

·         Ques: The land at Berewood close to the school, will it be for community use? David Crichton ~ A care home/Health Centre will be built within the development project. The Town Park is being developed and will include a community building within the next 5 years. A temporary building is on site at the moment.

·         Ques: Can the old Police Station site be used? Cllr Pike informed that the Police own it and wanted to make a larger car park but no longer have funds for the project. Community Empowerment funds helps business set up and could be useful.

·         Ques:  Is CCTV in HBC area? Cllr Hughes ~ due to costs (£250K per annum), versus usefulness, CCTV is inoperable across area.  After investigations it was found that 30 of the 57 cameras have not been used in criminal cases, alongside ageing infrastructure, and no Police funding, they have been discontinued. But Police are aware of Waterlooville Town Centre issues.

·         Neighbourhood watch schemes are still working and there will be signage in those areas. People can look online via postcode for their local scheme.

·         There will be a Local Plan meeting at Waterlooville Community Centre on Saturday 9th March 11-4pm, where the plan can be viewed.

·         Waterlooville Events Team have activities all through 2019, please support them.

·         Next planned Town Meeting, in around 3 months.

Friday, 8 February 2019


Did you miss the Community meeting because of the foul weather? Well, some brave souls did make it and it was a very interesting evening. Cllr Pike talked about the Local plan that will be out for consultation. A presentation will be in Waterlooville Community Centre at beginning of March date to follow. Don't miss it, make your views known. It can be found on line
It is the future of your town.
There were also items on Recycling, CCTV, the old post office, Neighbourhood watch and the Wellington Way development. Notes will be out shortly and will be available here.


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