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The Events team consists of volunteers from all walks of life - businesses; councillors; retired people, working people; young people; senior people.  All people who believe in trying to make Waterlooville a better place for the community by working together.  Why  don't you help?  Not enough time?  No skills? Too old? Too young? Too much commitment? We can always find an excuse, but there are so many ways you could help improve Waterlooville and bring the community together...and convince Havant Borough Council DOES EXIST and that it should be taken seriously. So how can you help? Help at one of the events as a steward, runner, for an hour, all day or whatever time you can commit. Organise an event, or share the organising.  It can be FUN! Attend an event.   Just showing support is great for the volunteers and gives a buzz around Waterlooville the more that turn out. Deliver flyers to your neighbours  Sponsor publicity/event Buy a Havant Lottery ticket (£


The crowd is gathering for the first birthday celebrations at the Waterlooville Monthly Cinema.  Let's increase the attendance.  Come to the next one in April.


What a fantastic night at the Waterlooville monthly cinema in St Georges Hall.  Not only was the film good (Breathe  -  very emotive and worth seeing.  A true story about a man who contracted polio and the difference he made to those suffering from the disease) but it was also a celebration of the cinema achieving its first birthday.  For 12 months the community have been supporting this pop up cinema.  You really must go to the next one...Thursday 26/4/18 7pm   Goodbye Christopher Robin. See you there!


    I have just purchased a ticket for the Havant Good Cause lottery as 50% will go to the Waterlooville Events team. Money raised will go towards the events the volunteers run that includes the Christmas event in Waterlooville Town centre. Just putting the lights up costs £1500 never mind the hire of the stage, insurance etc.... Easy to buy a ticket and support the hard working volunteers of Events Team and perhaps win £250000!!! Share with your friends. Support the Waterlooville Community!


Don't forget to come along to the monthly cinema this Thursday  22 March.   Why not make and evening of it and have a meal afterwards.


Come along to St Georges Hall and see this emotional film 'Breathe'. Thursday 22 March @ 7pm for 7.30pm Put it into your diaries now
This Months Car Boot Sale has been cancelled due to the weather. The next one will be Sunday 1st April