Tuesday, 27 March 2018


The Events team consists of volunteers from all walks of life -
businesses; councillors; retired people, working people; young people; senior people.
 All people who believe in trying to make Waterlooville a better place for the community by working together. 
Why  don't you help? 
  • Not enough time? 
  • No skills?
  • Too old?
  • Too young?
  • Too much commitment?
We can always find an excuse, but there are so many ways you could help improve Waterlooville and bring the community together...and convince Havant Borough Council DOES EXIST and that it should be taken seriously.
So how can you help?
  • Help at one of the events as a steward, runner, for an hour, all day or whatever time you can commit.
  • Organise an event, or share the organising.  It can be FUN!
  • Attend an event.  Just showing support is great for the volunteers and gives a buzz around Waterlooville the more that turn out.
  • Deliver flyers to your neighbours 
  • Sponsor publicity/event
  • Buy a Havant Lottery ticket (£1 week) which helps us raise funds to put on the events and pay for the public liability insurance.  (www.havantlottery.co.uk  and you could win £25000!)
  • Share us on Facebook.  Let the world know that Waterlooville Exists!!
  • Share Twitter
  • Read this blog regularly!
  • ETC!
The list is endless but whichever way you can help, it is Waterlooville you are helping!!

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