Friday, 29 September 2017


What a super evening last night at the Waterlooville monthly cinema in St Georges Hall.  'Time of their Lives' was a fabulous film.  The laughter that went around the hall proved what a great hit it was.   It was also the first time the Events Team had used their new cinema equipment.  A little hiccup in the middle but otherwise pain free, so well done to Petra for her hard work in obtaining and using the new equipment.  The new larger screen also made the evening more enjoyable. 

Over 50 people attended.  Did you miss it?  Well come and support the next film, Hidden Figures. The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.  Very thought provoking showing how bad racism and the treatment of women was at that time.  Put Thursday 26 October, 7pm in your diaries now

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Well one company has come back with a quote to install, and take down, the lights in Waterlooville Town centre.

Putting the lights in the Xmas Tree, putting up 8 motifs on 8 lamp posts and putting battery powered lights in 6 trees.  Go on Guess how much!  You may have to sit down..

£2425  + VAT  so the cost would be nearly £3000

Is it good value for money?  Did you know how expensive it is to put lights on trees?  Lets hope we get some more reasonable quotes.  Still waiting to hear from SSE, and a couple of small local firms.
Fingers crossed.



Sellers access from 9.15am
See poster for full details

Support Waterlooville by coming along to the car boot sale held in Waterlooville Precinct.  Grab a bargain and have a wander around the shops and stop for a coffee. 
Held every first Sunday in the month.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Festive lights- Help Needed

Now we hit the next problem.  The person who installed the Christmas lights in Waterlooville Town centre last year has retired and we have to find someone to put up the xmas tree lights and the motifs on the lamp posts.  Any ideas?  They must be a qualified electrician (approved by SSE)  I have contacted SSE for quote but would imagine it will be  well over £2000 as in 2014 it was £1800ex VAT just for the motifs and not the Xmas tree!

We also need someone to install the battery operated lights into the trees.  So a cherry picker??  Any suggestions/ideas gratefully received.  Or Waterlooville will remain in darkness over Christmas

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Want to know what is happening in Waterlooville?  Why not come along to the next business meeting.  Tell your friends.

St Georges Church Hall 

This meeting is led by ward  Cllrs Peter Wade and Mike Sceal.  Cllr Tim Pike is HBC cabinet lead for infrastructure/business.

Bring your questions.  The Waterlooville community needs to be heard. The following are some of the questions posed at the last meeting
  • Leisure at BAE site??
  • Leisure at extension of Horizon Leisure??
  • Use of Pavilion in Jubilee park??
  • Rapid Transport Waterlooville - Havant??
  • Future of Wellington Pub??
  • ????? Your questions??

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Cowplain School Band performed in Waterlooville Bandstand this weekend.  What talent and confidence.  Their music really brightened up the precinct on a chilly day!!  The music was so good it even had the 'little ones' dancing.

The band members varied in age but all were good musicians and obviously enjoyed what they were doing.  A big thank you to music teacher Sue Dobyn who brought them along and also the supporting teachers and parents without who the event could not have happened.

Want to hear them? Then go along to the school open evening and find them in the marquee.
Thursday 21 September 6-8.30pm

Thursday, 14 September 2017


The saga of the Festive lights application continues.

Now TPA also known as SSE have emailed with a list of questions.

1.  Highways approval  - I have it -hooray!

2. Structural tests of lighting column including BS EN40 calculations.  No idea what the EN 40 is???      Do we need a test?? If they columns are heavy duty don't need them, but they never replied in       August when I asked.  if we do have to get tests...where from? how much??

3.  PLI - we have PLI for £5m so sent over schedule to prove it.

4. Copy of unmetered supply agreement.  Luckily HBC offered to sort this one

5.   Map showing location of columns.  The one I had sent not suitable, although acceptable to  HCC?!  They gave a link to an interactive map on their site.  That was fine but could not  download it, so sent them the address of it (which they should have since they sent it to me!) Gave them the number of each column and which shops outside off and the street plan that I had sent previously.

6.   Image of the motif.  Luckily managed to track down supplier and he sent over a picture (without   the surround).  Lets hope that is acceptable otherwise will have to dig them out of storage and take a picture!

Fingers crossed it gets easier, but I suspect not!!


As usual it is all happening in Waterlooville.  Charity dinner dance in aid of the Mayor's charity appeal.   The mayor is supporting Havant Homestart 
and also Fitzroy Waterlooville  
Come along and dance the night away and know you are supporting local causes. 
Mayor of Havant    Havant Mayor

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Had Cancer? Know someone who has had Cancer?  Want to support Macmillan?  Then come along to this coffee morning at Wellington Vale, Darnel Road PO7 7TY on Friday 29 September.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017



We are lucky enough to have  the talented students from Cowplain school playing for the shoppers in Waterlooville Town centre this Saturday 16th September from Midday.  It is not until you hear these youngsters perform that you realise that not all young people are the rebels that some media would have us believe.  Come and support these local youngsters brightening up the town for the community.
See you there!!

Christmas Lights part 3

2017  To keep you up to date with the license application for the festive lighting in Waterlooville.

The application to SSE was sent in by their requested date 1/9/17.  I did not understand the form so had to leave much of it blank....Windage of Motifs, Eccentricity??? I will not bore you with the rest.  However a nice lady called Katie at HBC has tracked down the answers and a full form was submitted yesterday.   Also a legal letter that goes to another subcontractor, TAY was signed and sent at end of August.
To date no acknowledgement of any of them.  Watch this space!!


PARK WOOD can be found opposite Queens Enclosure along the London Road in Waterlooville.  

When I moved to Waterlooville nearly 30 years ago this wood, looked after by the Woodland Trust, was a mess.  Overgrown, waterlogged, full of litter.  As well as junkies leaving syringes around, it was dark and unwelcoming.  I did not like to walk through it.

Twenty years ago a neighbour, John Carter, retired and his wife thought it would be good for him to have something to do and suggested he organise bringing the wood back to a typical English wood.  Little did she know what she had started!  He rallied the local residents, attracted funding and every weekend for one year  they worked in the wood, cutting down the shading sycamore, cutting back the overgrown Laurel, laid paths, dug ditches and basically transformed the wood.  The Friends of Park Wood was formed, guided by the Woodland Trust.  Now move on 20  years.  John has moved away but the Friends continue.  Schools, Scouts, Guides, families, dog walkers and more use the wood.  Events happen in the wood, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas events, Woodland festivals and the friends continue to meet once a month to maintain the wood, cutting back paths, clearing ditches, planting trees etc.  There is even a rota of  volunteer walkers who pick up litter, keeping the wood clean for the community to use.  

The Friends consist of local residents who help regularly or those who just want to be part of it by supporting through becoming a member, the fees of which help the Friends to buy tools and refreshments for the volunteers. There are over 100 members.


They want the Friends to sign an agreement curtailing what they do, less in the wood and more promoting the Woodland Trust.  The agreement could be the end of the Friends.
IF THE FRIENDS STOP THEN THE WOOD WILL GO BACK TO AS IT WAS WHEN I MOVED IN.  Dark, cold and unwelcoming.  Surely we cannot let this happen.
There will be an Extraordinary meeting called for beginning of November.  We need to show how important this wood is to the community.  Keep watching this blog and I will give you the date, time and place.  Meanwhile visit the wood and see how lovely it is NOW!

Park Wood is a small area of semi-natural ancient woodland, to the west of the A3 road north of Waterlooville, Hampshire, between Wallis Road and Queens Road, opposite The Queen's Enclosure. A remnant of the ancient Forest of Bere which once covered the Waterlooville area, Park Wood today consists of a core wooded area, and two former meadows, now partly regenerating with native species.
It is distinguished by its ancient yews and other fine feature trees, and a wide variety of woodland plants. Designated as a public amenity and nature conservation area, it is managed by the Woodland Trust, assisted by the Friends of Park Wood who have been voted by the Woodland Trust as one of their 'Volunteer Groups of the Year'.

Monday, 11 September 2017


Image result for waterlooville images 

Want to keep up to date with what is happening in Waterlooville and especially the events that are taking place then why not follow this page.  Just put your email into the 'follow by email' box.

By working together we can improve Waterlooville.  The Events team are volunteers who want to pull the community together.  Why not join?  Got any ideas? Then leave them here.  Don't want to get too involved then share this blog.  Everyone can help in some way.  The motto of the Events Team is Building Community for OUR Town.  Over to you!!

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Support our cinema!! This  is the showing for September. This film had some scenes shot in Southsea so many local people were extras, you may recognise them!!

An exciting time for the events team as we have new equipment and a new screen so come and see for yourselves how amazing it is. Put it into your diaries NOW

Friday, 1 September 2017


The only place to be.  Exciting performances by some very talented youngsters from our local schools.  I shall be there so come and say hello.   Samba drums, singers, musicians.  No end to the amazing music these youngsters play.  So much bad press about young people but 99% are like these kids, so come and support them.