Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Christmas Event Saturday 18 November
Join the lantern procession which starts outside Dominoes Pizza at 4.45pm
Children can bring a lantern with them or attend one of the free sessions organised by Caterpillar Crafts to make one.  See Poster for details.  OR they can make on on the day at the table that will be in the precinct from about 1pm.  Come and have fun!!

Monday, 30 October 2017


CAR BOOT SALE this Sunday 5 November in Waterlooville Precinct. Always first Sunday in the month. No need to book. Just turn up. See poster for more details

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Today was spent going around the businesses in Waterlooville to ask them to contribute £20 towards the cost of the installation of the lights in Waterlooville Town centre. It is hard work and sometimes not very rewarding.  Some gave us contributions.  Many have to check with Head Office or owners or managers.  The cost of installation is over £1900.  We have raised some funding so we need some contribution from businesses.

Every business who contributes gets a window sticker like the one above, which was used last year.  So when you are shopping look out for the sticker and then you will know that business supports  Christmas in Waterlooville.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


I have just heard from SSE that they have kindly agreed to let us use the contractor Clinton Electrics to put up the Festive lighting in Waterlooville.

They feel that it is so close to Xmas that they will allow him to plug in and flick the switch without the G39.

I wonder if the response from the AMAZING COMMUNIY of Waterlooville may have helped in their decision.
A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.  Waterlooville can come together!!!

Future of Park Wood


Read the blog about the future of park Wood.  Planning to come to the meeting on Thursday 2 November in the Baptist Church to find out more?  Or can't make the meeting and still want to know more?

Whichever it is, why not come to the next Workday?  The Friends meet on the last Sunday of every month.  So why not join them this Sunday  29 October any time from 10am, but if you pop in at 11am you can have a cup of coffee and learn about the wood.  Have a walk around and realise what a fantastic amenity it is and find the feet!!!

See you on Sunday 29 October in the Wood.  Don't worry you will find the Friends!!  Enjoy the coffee, the people and of course the wood.  Bring the family and the dog!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Some of you may have read previous blogs as I have tried to work my way through the bureaucracy of licensing and installation for festive lights in the town centre.  In fairness the paperwork has been easier (was started in JUNE!) mainly because a lovely lady called Katie in Havant Borough Council has been helping me.

So why am I saying there will be no festive lights in Waterlooville this year?  Scottish and Southern Electrics SSE!!  
We have to get permission to hang the motifs from their lighting columns (also know as lamp posts!)  To do that we have to get an installer approved by them!!

Our installer from last year retired and we had to find a new one.  To hang, plug in and flick a switch on  8 motifs, put the lights in the Xmas tree, plug in and flick a switch, and also hang some battery powered lights in the trees (and remove)   Our first quote COST £3500  Which we felt was excessive.

We did find a local installer, Clinton Electrics.  They do work for Havant Borough Council. so we thought he should be reliable and safe.  He gave us a cost of £1900.  Expensive but worthwhile to get the lights up for the town.  Then SSE stepped in insisting on a G39 certificate.  When I asked Clinton Electrics if they had this certificate the response was below:

       We do not hold a G39 certificate (very few electrical contractor will)
 Please let your SSE contact know that we are Full NICEIC electrical contractor
 and that will will not be making any alterations to the lamppost, 
we will only be opening the cover and switching an Isolator on to power 
the already installed 16A Commando socket. 

If a G39 is insisted upon you will either have to find another contractor 
or pay for the day course £500 (course fee + our time).

We don’t hold a G39 as in the 16 years I've ran my business and the 26 years 
I've been in the trade I've never been asked for it
and have installed £40K of street lights for the NHS.
I sent this response to them.  After 5 days of deliberation SSE have replied that he cannot be used as no G39!!  I accept that we must all be kept safe but surely this is going too far.

I did ask SSE for a quote 2 months ago, which they never replied to.  When I asked again today the response was that they no longer put up festive lighting!
As things stand no festive lighting in Waterlooville

If you write a comment on Facebook add       @scottish and southern energy          so they hear how the community of Waterlooville feel about this.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Monthly Cinema - 'Hidden Figures'

Not to be missed.  This film based on fact, really shows how far we have come against racism and equality for women.  See you there. Enjoy the film and support your local monthly cinema.


 This wood could be lost to the community if the Woodland Trust get their way!
Many people know of Park Wood.  A small wood which is found on the London Road between Wallis Road and Queens Road, opposite Queens Enclosure.  It is a Woodland Trust Wood.  They took it over nearly 30 years ago and for the first 10 years they virtually ignored it.  It became shadowed with Sycamore and laurel.  It became waterlogged.  It became dark and dangerous with litter,  junkies, used needles, fires and in fact people were attacked in there.  Not a place you wanted to enter.  Then the Friends of Park Wood were formed and for nearly 20 years the friends (consisting of local residents) have maintained the wood always following a management plan as written by the Woodland Trust.  The wood was transformed to what it is today.  A place where you can walk.  Schools use it to teach children about the environment.  The bluebells flourish.  People walk their dogs in there.  It is a pretty wood.  A wood for the community.  SO WHY ARE THE WOODLAND TRUST INSISTING THE FRIENDS SIGN AN AGREEMENT WHICH WILL MEAN THEY CAN NO LONGER LOOK AFTER THE WOOD IN THE WAY THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE.

The Friends have obtained grants and sponsorship to pay for their own Public Liability Insurance, for tools, plants, trees and events but they will no longer be able to without permission.  Activities will be strictly monitored.  Did you enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt? It is likely that will not happen next year.

The Woodland Trust say if the Friends refuse to sign the agreement they will no longer be able to look after the wood and the Woodland Trust will do so.  They did not do it before and it was neglected.  Will the odd visit 2 or 3 times a year keep it looking as it does now??  

This wood has been saved by the council as a designated green space because of the work the Friends have done - keeping it clean and user friendly.  If it becomes neglected and overgrown as it did before it is possible it the protection could be removed and the land developed.

There is a special meeting of the Friends on THURSDAY 2 NOVEMBER AT 7.30 in the Baptist Church on London Road.  
Visit park-wood.org

Sunday, 22 October 2017

FREE Saturday PARKING in December

Christmas is coming and everyone will be running round in December doing their shopping for the big day.    Havant Borough Council are allowing 3 Hours FREE parking every Saturday till Christmas Day starting 2 December.  So Shop locally!