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Waterlooville Monthly cinema

Another fabulous film at the Waterlooville monthly cinema.  See you there??


Who are the 'low life' who hate Waterlooville so much that they don't want festive lighting in the precinct? The volunteers from the Events team have spent a lot of money and time to try and make Waterlooville look festive but having seen what some 'people' think about it makes you wonder why we bother. Today we went to change the batteries in the tree lights as some were not working. The reason was that the battery casings had been torn/cut off so the lights no longer worked. Councillor Mike Sceal went into the tree by Nat West to locate a connection further up and managed to connect another casing in the tree, but the lights in the tree by Lloyds bank could not be fixed. If you see something untoward or if you see the lights not working let us know. We had hoped to put battery lights in all the trees in Waterlooville precinct next year but if they are to be vandalised is it worth it??