Thursday, 14 September 2017


The saga of the Festive lights application continues.

Now TPA also known as SSE have emailed with a list of questions.

1.  Highways approval  - I have it -hooray!

2. Structural tests of lighting column including BS EN40 calculations.  No idea what the EN 40 is???      Do we need a test?? If they columns are heavy duty don't need them, but they never replied in       August when I asked.  if we do have to get tests...where from? how much??

3.  PLI - we have PLI for £5m so sent over schedule to prove it.

4. Copy of unmetered supply agreement.  Luckily HBC offered to sort this one

5.   Map showing location of columns.  The one I had sent not suitable, although acceptable to  HCC?!  They gave a link to an interactive map on their site.  That was fine but could not  download it, so sent them the address of it (which they should have since they sent it to me!) Gave them the number of each column and which shops outside off and the street plan that I had sent previously.

6.   Image of the motif.  Luckily managed to track down supplier and he sent over a picture (without   the surround).  Lets hope that is acceptable otherwise will have to dig them out of storage and take a picture!

Fingers crossed it gets easier, but I suspect not!!

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