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Waterlooville Community & Business meeting 3rd Sep 7pm

I recently asked someone why I should come to this meeting.... 'I live in Waterlooville and I have a business in Waterlooville but how can this meeting help me' I asked. You might be asking yourself the same thing, but there may be things happening in Waterlooville that you have questions about, or you might find out about things happening in the community that could have an impact on you.

Councillor Tim Pike will be there, as well as members of the Waterlooville Events Team.  Tim is deputy leader and also cabinet lead for regeneration of the community.  Getting to know the teams of people who are working in the local community as Councillors or volunteer can really help you to know who can help with any questions.

If you want your voice to be heard, is it not better to be among other community members to share ideas, share concerns or simply to find out what is going on in the area.

As a business owner I confess to not truly know what is happening in the area so this is the perfect time to find out and ask any questions!

Will we see you there?  If so, also bring a friend and/or local business.

This is being held at St George's Church on Tuesday 3rd September at 7pm.  You can park behind Iceland which is free to park in after 6pm.


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