Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Moving on to Christmas 2017 - It might be sunny outside but now is the time for me to apply for the license for us to hang the festive lights in Waterlooville Town centre.  Dealing with Hampshire County Council and Southern Electric is a challenge!  The assurance is that they have made it easier this year.  I am unsure that is true.  Filling in a form talking about 'windage', 'eccentricity', bracket heights, bracket lows, etc, etc.  Difficult to give answers when you do not understand the questions. Finding out if we need a structural competency survey.  The list continues.  Easy it is not.  Yesterday I almost threw the PC out of the window.  In the end I sent the form to a kind person at Havant Council, who admitted she did not understand the questions either.  Made me feel better!!  At the end of the day I am a mere volunteer trying to bring Christmas to Waterlooville.  Watch for the next stage of the licensing saga!!

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