Sunday, 19 November 2017


Do you want free children's activities at the 2018 Waterlooville Summer Fete?

If so the Waterlooville Events Team needs your help!  It will not cost you a penny just 5 minutes of your time.

We estimate over 2000 of you attended our Summer Fete this year (hopefully you all enjoyed it), many of you will have taken advantage of our free children's activities. We provided Samba and Circus workshops, a mobile farm, giant bubbles and laser quest - all completely free of charge, allowing you to entertain your children without breaking the bank. 
We managed to do this with a grant of £1000 from Hampshire Country Council and the support of other organisations such as the Peter Ashley Activity Centre.
We would like to provide something similar for 2018 so we have applied for £1000 from the Aviva Community fund.  When voting ends Tuesday (21st November) lunchtime the 180 'projects' with the highest number of votes will be awarded £1000.
It is impossible to tell how many votes we will need but at the moment we only have just over 800 which we believe will not be enough.  Each person gets 10 votes to cast so this means that less than 100 people in Waterlooville have voted for us.
It takes only a few minutes and despite having to register you will not receive lots of spam (I have not received a single email from them).
There are a number of worthwhile causes in the area competing for votes so if you have already voted for another project we quite understand but PLEASE do not let us loose this money due to apathy.
We can hardly expect the other Hampshire council tax payers to subsidise our event again next year if we have not done everything we can to get the money from a commercial organisation such as Aviva.
Please can you take 5  minutes to register and vote for us by doing the following:
Go to and register at
* Press 'Vote now'
* Search for 'Waterlooville Events Team'
* Give us up to 10 votes
Please ignore the message that seems to imply voting has closed - this is just for 'projects' that already have 1000 votes.
If you are worried about registering you only need to give your email, name and date of birth and in the 2 weeks since voting opened no one I know has received any unwanted emails.

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