Thursday, 9 August 2018


Want to know the outcome of the discussions about Park Wood in Waterlooville?  It is good news.  After a meeting in London between the Chair of the Group, our MP George Hollingberry and CEO of Woodland Trust the issues were resolved and the Friends continue.  See the newsletter below to get up to date news and information.  You could also become a member  Park Wood

London Road (A3)
between Wallis & Queens Roads, Waterlooville
Visit our website:
Tel: 07803968763

Summer Newsletter 2018

A very WARM  welcome to our SUMMER newsletter.

The wood is tinder dry.
Please be aware of fires and ring the warden coordinator (07803968763)
or if severe, the fire service.

The Friends AGM

It was unanimously agreed by members at the May AGM that the Third Party Agreement be signed by the Friends.

Inge Ridley-Jones has resigned as Chair and we thank her for her sterling work liaising with the Woodland Trust and in reaching an agreement that is acceptable to the majority.  Inge was given a columnar flowering cherry tree in appreciation for all her hard work.
Pete Hodges is now our Chair and brings with him a wealth of knowledge of all things ‘woodland’.

Pam Carter

The Friends send their condolences to John Carter, the founding father of the Friends and Honorary Chair, on the death of his beloved wife Pam. It was due to his vision and with her support that the wood is now in a condition for the whole community to enjoy.


David Nye, Warden Coordinator, has passed his baton, or branch, on to Gill Bryden who will be in touch with current wardens shortly. Thank you David for all the work you have done and for all the ‘Christmas warden gatherings’. 


As the wood is in such a tidy state it has been suggested that wardens have an allotted three/four day window to pick up litter, rather than the current one day a month each. If you would like to take on this role, please ring 07803968763.

Nigel has taken over the emptying of the litter bins in the wood. This is a thankless task but one that is essential to the upkeep of the wood and to keep the wood safe for all.

Wildlife Spotting

The nesting period is over but what an array of birds we have had this year, including garden warblers, wrens, nut hatches, greater spotted and green woodpeckers and a variety of tits, to name but a few.



SUNDAY 30TH September: First work party of the Autumn. Work will include paths and ditches as well as meadow management following the end of summer mowing.
All tools provided - hours 10am onwards.
All welcome and any time given is appreciated.

Management Plan and Wood update

The present management plan for Park Wood is now up for review. It will set out priorities for our wood from 2020 to 2025 and will be available sometime next year. As we base our programme of workdays on its aims, it is an important working document for us to use.

In time items like gates, seats, bridges and signs deteriorate so over the next few years items are going to be replaced or refurbished. This July, three bridges have been replaced as part of ongoing management in the wood. Look out for more details in future newsletters.

Book Review:

THE WOOD FOR THE TREES – The Long View of Nature from a Small Wood by Richard Fortey

In 2011 Richard Fortey became the owner of Grim’s Dyke Wood, four acres of beech woodland in the Chiltern Hills. A good read for anyone wanting to know the pleasures of owning a small native wood, its value for wildlife and place in the social history of our communities.

If you wish to contribute any other woodland information to our next newsletter – please contact Gill Bryden on 07803968763 or E-mail


Membership renewal has resumed and Mo Waters is continuing as Membership Secretary. Please remember we rely on donations, subscriptions and grants, so prompt payment would be appreciated.

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